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How Can A Felony Conviction Be Expunged?

A felony conviction typically follows the convicted individual for the rest of his or her life. This can include a single mistake, such as driving under the influence in a fatal crash, or holding the bag of a controlled substance for a friend at the moment that police arrive. Fortunately, a felony defense attorney in Little Rock may be able to help you expunge your felony record.


Under Arkansas Senate Bill 784, several situations allow for a criminal record to be effectively eliminated, as if the conviction never occurred and so that the individual never needs to declare it on employment, housing or credit applications. Potential expungements include:


  • Pardoned criminals (but not for violent crimes, such as homicide and sex offenses)
  • First offenders in driving and drug cases, where probation was successfully completed
  • Offenses committed by persons under age 16
  • Non-violent felonies committed under age 18


A criminal record greatly diminishes one’s economic well-being. As the Institute for Court Management, a national non-profit organization, found in a 2006 study, “Disclosures of criminal records have an overwhelming impact on one’s ability to seek and hold ‘gainful’ employment. Most private employers show great hesitation in hiring persons with criminal records.”


The process for having felonies in Arkansas expunged includes petitioning the convicting court (where the original trial was held) after completion or expiration of the probation or suspension period. Note that only non-violent offenses can be expunged.


Clearly, a felony conviction expungement is of lifelong value, particularly to young people who are just beginning their productive years. Contact the Cannon Law Firm in North Little Rock to learn how your felony record might be eliminated.

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