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Fighting False Accusations: Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help?

When you hire a Little Rock criminal defense attorney, people sometimes make the unfortunate assumption that you are guilty of a crime. However, studies show that false accusations are more common than people might think.


A 1999 study reported in the British Journal of Psychiatry showed that individuals who falsely reported stalkers sometimes suffer from paranoia and other psychiatric disorders. False accusations of rape are believed to occur in at least eight percent of cases, a number compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). False reporting of child abuse may be around 10 percent, often perpetrated by a divorcing spouse as a means of gaining advantage in child custody disputes.


An Arkansas criminal defense attorney working with a client who may be falsely accused of a crime looks for certain clues in the case, including:


  • Lack of evidence that the crime ever occurred
  • Lack of evidence that definitively links the accused and the criminal event
  • Some evidence suggesting the crime occurred ― but not in the way the accuser claims


The motivations of the accuser might be obvious, such as in the aforementioned divorce proceedings. Rape and theft accusations are sometimes in retaliation for spurned romantic advances, or simply to destroy someone’s reputation. By conducting an independent investigation, the attorneys at the Cannon Law Firm in North Little Rock can see to it that justice is served for individuals who are unfairly arrested for crimes they did not commit.

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