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Fighting False Accusations: Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help?

When you hire a Little Rock criminal defense attorney, people sometimes make the unfortunate assumption that you are guilty of a crime. However, studies show that false accusations are more common than people might think.   A 1999 study reported in the British Journal of Psychiatry showed that individuals who falsely reported stalkers sometimes suffer… Read More »

Can An Attorney Reduce Drug Charge Sentencing?

The penalties for criminal possession, manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance in Arkansas vary widely according to the drug in question and the activity. For example, a person who possessed drug paraphernalia with the intent to manufacture methamphetamines can get an additional 10-year sentence if a minor is on the premises. As a Little… Read More »

What Are the Grey Areas of White-Collar Crime?

Where does competitive ambition end and a white-collar crime begin? That’s the question for many individuals who have been charged with crimes such as tampering with records, bank fraud, embezzlement, forgery, false government documentation, accounting improprieties or identity theft. Individuals facing such charges in Arkansas need answers and help from a skilled white-collar crime attorney… Read More »

Should Bullies Be Subject to Criminal Prosecution?

Bullying has become a serious issue across the nation, as studies show its detrimental emotional, social and academic effects. While 46 states require schools to implement anti-bullying programs, some states are considering taking it a step further and treating bullying as a crime.  Existing laws in Arkansas The Arkansas Anti-Bullying Act, passed in 2003, requires… Read More »

Can Teens Who Sext Face Child Pornography Charges?

Sexting — taking a nude or provocative picture of yourself and texting it to someone else — has become rampant among teens. All too often, the explicit photo ends up in the hands (or on the screen) of someone who disseminates it widely. Many states are introducing criminal penalties for those who distribute sexts. Is… Read More »

Can I Be Tried for Old Crimes in Arkansas?

You may occasionally read about a person being charged with a crime decades after it occurred. For most crimes, however, the state has a limited time to bring charges against an alleged offender. This is known as the statute of limitations. Generally, the statute of limitations is longer for more serious crimes, and for the… Read More »

New Federal Drug Sentencing Policies Mimic Current Arkansas Laws

Arkansas sentencing laws for drug offenses, in effect since 1993, are now serving as a model for federal prison reform, which could save taxpayers billions of dollars and shift the focus from punishment to rehabilitation. The current system There’s widespread agreement that the current federal drug crime sentencing laws — particularly their mandatory minimum sentences… Read More »

How Can A Felony Conviction Be Expunged?

A felony conviction typically follows the convicted individual for the rest of his or her life. This can include a single mistake, such as driving under the influence in a fatal crash, or holding the bag of a controlled substance for a friend at the moment that police arrive. Fortunately, a felony defense attorney in… Read More »